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Biografia artista

Biografia artista



When I was a little boy, I spent the afternoons enjoying the birds at the blackberry tree in the neighboring yard, away from the turbulence that persisted in tormenting my family, I tried to make in my imagination a place that would make me escape from all that suffering, a place where birds and strange creatures danced among branches and flowers, the magician and the stranger got together to make me smile even for a minute.

Little did I know that one day my own imagination would be my most terrible enemy and at the same time my savior.

While I was still a little boy, I studied a little more art, although I was highly praised and encouraged by my teachers, I could not feel pleasure in it and painting flowers and landscapes did not cheer me up a little.

Years later, however, I was surprised by tragedies even worse than those that plagued me during my childhood, and these misfortunes led me never to fall into a deep depression, followed by a panic syndrome that paralyzed me for years. My existence lost its meaning and my life. it started to be governed by medicines. Certainly my life had only one way.

One day, however, things started to change and with a lot of effort, I started to paint the strange things that crossed my mind and little by little, these paintings became a reason to get out of bed.

And so, precisely the strange world that sometimes saved me in childhood, started to save me in adulthood. The multicolored birds and the anthropomorphic beings that populated my mind took their place again and started to bring me again the joy of life that apparently had left me.

Nowadays my paintings and my children’s tales are simply my life.

Today I try to put in my art playful and fanciful elements that refer to childhood, dreams and innocence.

Today I have a special affection for my “small winged” collection, not only because it is my last work, but because it is a work where fantastic tales and paintings full of magic mix easily.

Curriculum artista

Curriculum artista


Training in artistic educationExtentions:”The importance of art in the formation of the individual””Art in childhood””Forms and colors in youth literature”

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Mostre realizzate

Group exhibitions

  • 2018Arthive / Arthive galery – moscou, Russia
  • 2018Gallery Today / United States – Columbus, United States
  • 2016Saatchi Art / Saatchi art Gallery / Saatchi art Gallery – Los Angeles, United States – Los Angeles, United States
  • 2011Parallax Art Fair 2011 – London / LONDON – london, United Kingdom

Solo exhibitions

  • 2012center of culture “our home” / rio de janeiro – volta redonda, Brazil
  • 2011zélia arbex space – rio de janeiro, brazil / rj – volta redonda, Brazil
  • 2011space culture of brazil / rio de janeiro – volta redonda, Brazil


  • 2018Coleccion privada SR Alexandro leme – Little Rock, United States
  • 2017Coleccion privada SRA Dione Bittencourt, botafogo – rio de janeiro, Brazil
  • 2014Coleccion privada SR Ruben Callino – volta redonda, Brazil
  • 2013Coleccion privada SR Victor Manuel – résidence de croquettes, France